Load Cells, LEDs and Efficiency for MEWPs

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In today’s competitive market, information is power. Learn how load cells on MEWPs is critical to managing the safety and effecivy of your work platforms.

In today’s world, information is power. Whenever problems arise, those with more information at their disposal can react quicker to solve the problem. The same can be said for the world of Mobile Elevating Work Platform(s) (MEWP), specifically when it comes to downtime and troubleshooting.

According to the safety standards defined in EN 280 & A92.20, safe platform load sensing requires robust sensors, load cells, and controllers. Whenever these components require attention, the more information the operator and on-site team have regarding the specific issue, the quicker they can resume working.

Additionally, remote support services offer an extra level of expertise and knowledge to further reduce machine downtime. However, remote support is not always readily available. To empower manufacturers in the event of an error, the MRW-Limit load cell is equipped with LED displays that give the status of the load cell directly to the user.

Shown below is a picture of the MRW Limit Load Cell and its LED display. Each LED informs the user/operator on the status of the load cell.

  • Error (Red): The unit self-test (starts automatically with power on) recognizes a failure of the unit. In this case the unit is not able to work.
  • Alarm (Red): Flashes when the platform is overloaded. The flashing will disappear when the weight is within the defined parameters.

When the basket touches the ground, this is referred to as a touchdown alarm.

  • Zero/Tara (Orange): After the interface connector, the orange LED monitors the zero drift. While active, the LED indicated the current weight is within the tare weight of +/- 15 kg.
  • Power (Green): Lastly the green LED flashes while the load cell has voltage for operation and the software is active.

Without these LEDs, visibility into MEWP efficiency and safety is a shot in the dark.


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