Taiwan company proves Xsite’s worth in reservoir expansion

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MOBA Automation has expanded its global footprint to include central Taiwan in our list of growing countries now partnering with our machine control technology for excavators.

Our 3D Xsite excavation control system was recently utilized by JFCC, a large Taiwanese company overseeing major projects south of Taichung City, a major metro area on the western side of the island.

JFCC will be using the Xsite system to improve the efficiency and accuracy in the construction of new water reservoirs over the next five to six years, helping to address water shortage concerns in the area.

Their team works with more than 12 excavators and 20 trucks to ensure fast and efficient dig out and layering. In total, the project compromises the creation of three man-made lakes filled with layers of sand, small rocks (between 3 to 5 cm), and big rocks (between 10 to 15 cm).

JFCC put Xsite to the test.

In Strip A, the company filled and leveled 200 meters using a traditional surveyor to stake out the needed height for each material (sand, small rocks, and large rocks). In Strip B, the company did the same thing – this time using MOBA’s Xsite Pro system.

The result of the difference of both strips are significant. MOBA’s Xsite Pro performed the task in half the time with more precise finishing. That allowed the operator to exploit the height tolerance at a minimum level.

Why is this so important? Consider the savings potential on large projects. Even 1 cm of the material makes a huge cost difference. Now picture the distribution of material for a given land size of 100000m². Every additional centimeter would equal the use of 100 tons of additional material and connected costs. It’s clear now how Xsite provides incredible power to any construction team.

Our partnership in Taiwan is just another example of Xsite Pro’s ability to help contractors work faster and more efficiently, cutting operational costs and costs of material. The best part, it’s available for excavators around the world to use and begin to unearth the incredible benefits of the machine control system.

A special thank you very much to John Yuan at JFCC and his team for the feedback and pictures.


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